Autism Awareness Month Recap

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April has been such an incredible month and I cannot help but reflect on what we have achieved collectively. With all of your help, we raised over $2,000 which will go to pay for free preschool screenings. The purpose of the screenings is to diagnose kids who may be on the spectrum as early as possible. With early intervention, these kids can get the help they need to thrive.

I remember our journey when we initially thought that Luca might be on the spectrum. It was so overwhelming, so complicated, and took so long to get some answers. It took us 5 months to get a definitive diagnosis. Luca was 4 years old at the time, which is relatively late. Most kids are now diagnosed between 18-36 months of age. This early diagnosis comes from parents who are aware of the signs and pediatricians who take the time to ask the questions and to observe children.

Last week the CDC released new numbers for autism rates. The rates of autism have gone from 1 in 68 to 1 in 59 kids who are diagnosed with autism. This new statistic makes the preschool screenings even more vital. I am so grateful to be associated with the non-profit organization, The Autism Tree Project Foundation. They are leading the charge with preschool screenings, so that other families don’t have to wait 5 months for a diagnosis for their children.

Here is a quick recap of April’s activities. Thank you for participating, commenting, donating and shopping. It all helped and will continue to help kids who need it!

April 1 - Wear Blue and tag us! We loved your posts. Thank you for lighting it up blue for Autism Awareness month.

April 6 - Family Yoga with Wendy Garafalo and Book Reading with Brittney Seal at Yoga Bound in Carlsbad Village. Thank you to all who came and participated.

April 7 - Free kids yoga and Spring In Bloom event with Gaia Gelato and Carlsbad Village Faire Shops. What an incredible day this was! We had some awesome raffle prizes and spent the day celebrating our loving community.

April 10 - Video blog with Katie Bressack to remind all the special needs mom’s out there to take the time to care for themselves. Trust me, I know how exhausted you are! Katie shared some easy shifts we can make to increase our energy and be more present for our kids. Thank you Katie!

April 17 - Live drawing for an EVOL tee. We spent three days prior to this sharing all the awesomeness that comes with autism. Thank you to all who shared stories and took a moment to shift perspective on how we see autism.

April 19 - Video blog with Jessica Bell of Bellicous. Jessica shared tips to get your kids to eat healthier. My favorite was to always be honest and tell kids what you are putting into their smoothies and other mixed foods. Tell them why! ‘I’m putting in this spinach because it will help you have strong muscles’. Plus introducing healthy foods 10-15 times and perhaps 10-15 different ways. Bottom line, never give up! Your kids are worth it. Thank you Jessica!

April 22 - Family Yoga at Momentum Training Center. Thank you to all the families who participated. What a fun time we had!

April 22 - Drawing for a free photo shoot with Brittney Seal! All donations in April entered you to win this prize! Thank you Brittney for being awesome and sharing your skills with us.

April 27 - Live Music and Sunset Yoga with Shannon Larsen, Wendy Garafalo and Arielle Rabier at Equinox La Costa. The beautiful tunes from Shannon made this night extra special. Thank you to everyone.

April 28 - Gala with Autism Tree Project Foundation. As a silver sponsor of this event, I had the opportunity to go and take 9 incredible people with me to witness the impact we are making on kids with autism. I’m so grateful to all who came with me and your willingness to step up and create a brighter future for kids like Luca.

All month long- Gaia Gelato donated a percentage of purchases to helping kids with autism. This little gelato shop with a big heart showed us that communities can and will come together for something sweet and something inspiring. Thank you Gaia!

Wow! I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to help. And this is only the beginning. May the work we do always remind you that LOVE is a force that can do great things. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, I love you!