What is an Intention?

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A lot of people think of an intention like a goal. We think, I’d like to make more money, so that’s my intention. But an intention is different from a goal. Goals are measurable, and they set us up for certain expectations to be met. Don’t get me wrong, I think goals are fantastic and absolutely worth setting. I just want to clarify the difference between a goal and an intention.

An intention is something you state in the present tense, as though it already exists. For example, if you are thinking, as we mentioned previously, I’d like to make more money. Then your intention would be ‘My life is abundant’. If you know the road ahead will be bumpy and you’d like the strength to face your challenges, your intention would be something like ‘I AM STRONG’, or ‘I AM ENOUGH’.

An intention tells your heart and the universe that you are physically, mentally and spiritually ready to accept what it is your heart longs for. It’s the language of your spirit. Intentions don’t set us up to meet expectations. Instead, intentions shift our inner voice of doubt and sabotage. We think and say our intention to begin the process of shifting the way we think and feel about our lives. You can compare it like this… A goal is set to create change from the outside in. For example, I have a goal to earn a certain amount of money by a certain age. I think that once I achieve that goal, I will be happy. So it comes from the outside and trickles down to the inside (hopefully). Intentions are set on the inside, to change, shift or create new behaviors or mental habits. So, intentions work their way from the inside out. Thus, there is no expectation, only a statement in the moment. Because you see, it is only from the inside out that real change and progress happens.

So set your intentions, and repeat them to yourself every day, multiple times. Let it be part of your breath in times of stress or doubt. Let it shine a light when you feel drown by the darkness. Your intention is your own, so set it from your soul and let your spirit soar.