Why We Give CBD Oil to Our Son With Autism

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I am one of those people who believes in fate, or karma. Coincidences are signs to continue on your path. My husband usually laughs at me and waves off my ‘silly’ notions. But about a year ago, he finally got out to play a round of golf. As parents, you rarely get a chance to do anything on your own and so he set out by himself and was paired with another solo golfer. They hit it off, as most people do, with my very social husband and about halfway through the round, the other golfer mentioned that he is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in kids with autism.

This is where I jump in to say ‘Fate!’ My husband shared with him our son’s diagnosis and some of the things we were experiencing. He suggested we look into CBD oil. He told my husband that most of the research being done is showing great improvements for kids with aggression, anxiety, hyper-activity, etc. As my husband told him more about Luca, he explained that for someone like Luca with lots of ideas coming in and confusion with language and interpreting social situations, CBD oil can be a huge help. He further explained that if we walk into a new room, our body and mind quickly take in about 36 different sensations. Its like having 36 different doors open in that room. As neurotypical individuals (that’s a fancy word for a regular functioning brain), we can close the doors or sensations that are not relevant and we can focus on what is most important to us in that moment. Kids like Luca aren’t sure which is most important, so all 36 messages are coming in to the brain and they have to take the time to filter through them. This is why if you ask Luca a question, sometimes it takes up to a minute for him to give you an answer. He is busy taking in the colors in the room, the smells, the sounds in the background, etc. For some kids who are sensitive to sensation, they react by flapping their arms, or covering their ears, or even shouting to drown out all the messages coming in to the brain.

The Naturopathic doctor continued to tell my husband that CBD oil could possibly help Luca’s mind close some of the non-relevant doors to pay attention to what is relevant, such as when someone is speaking to him, or a task he is working on. After agreeing with me on the whole ‘fate’ thing, my husband and I did our diligent research into CBD oil and decided to give it a try first on me, then on Luca. I started taking the CBD oil for about a week before we gave it to Luca. At first I didn’t notice much, but then I realized when I’d sit at my computer to get something done, I was not as easily distracted. I was completing tasks with more efficiency. I didn’t feel ‘high’ or ‘goofy’. We decided it was time to give it to Luca.

We noticed significant improvements right away. Luca used to go to bed and lay there for hours talking, yelling, doing equations, spelling words. After taking the CBD oil he started falling asleep much easier. We also noticed less time spent on tantrums. Keep in mind we were doing other things as well to help in this area, such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, etc. But we did notice it was easier to calm him down and talk about what he was experiencing. We saw so much improvement, that eventually we stopped most of his therapies. We continue to see improvements every week with social interaction, eye contact, calming techniques and focus.

I give him a drop of oil in a medicine cup filled with juice every morning. If I forget, he reminds me “Mom, you forgot my juice and oil!” I know as Mom’s of kids with autism, we are all hoping for that one thing that will help our child. I hope for that too, but I think that is unrealistic. But, I do feel that adding CBD oil can be a benefit, especially when combined with a non-inflamatory diet, organic foods, self-calming techniques and therapies. It was an easy decision for us as we didn’t need a prescription, there are no side-effects, no addictive qualities and it is reasonably priced. One bottle usually lasts us for about a month and a half and costs under $25. To see the brand we use, and how we use it, visit our Instagram site @evol.evolution, or Facebook at IAMLOVEEVOLution.

So, if you have been considering trying CBD, I highly recommend it. And please reach out to us with questions or concerns. For more in-depth info about the studies and research behind CBD, see our other blog by guest blogger Hiba Agha.