We are ONE

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From a young age we are taught how to dress, how to behave, how to act around others. There is a right way and a wrong way. Most of us develop this need for others approval. Whether it is approval from our parents, a teacher, or someone we look up to or have a crush on. At some point we all think we need it.

One of the biggest lessons I continue to face in my life is the realization that I will never get that approval I'm desperately searching for. That even if someone does approve, it doesn't fill the void or hole I've dug for myself. I envy Luca, because for now, he doesn't seem to care what others think. He has his own agenda and he looks at life from a different perspective. The EVOL story is a perfect example. I thought he was wrong, but he had his own reason for writing Love backwards. It wasn't for my approval, but it was written for another life to feel the LOVE.

So, I thought, perhaps the problem is that we are too focused from a young age on how others perceive us. We are molded to fit in with society, and thus we seek approval from our society. So we adopt the clothes, the attitude, the need for 'things' or money. This thought helped fuel this idea to start this brand EVOL. My thinking, influenced by Luca, is that perhaps we need to send more messages to ourselves, that we are enough, that we are filled with LOVE and stop worrying so much about how others see us.

I do hope you find some resonance in this message. If it inspires you, if you are tired of seeking outward, then join us on this journey inward to the soul and be inspired. Underneath it all, we are far more similar than we are different. WE ARE ONE. So let's share in this journey, feed our individual souls, so that the shift in perspective happens not just individually, but globally.

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