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The last month or so, I've noticed regression in Luca's repetitive behavior. He has this need to repeat things when they don't go as planned. For example, if he hits his head, arm or any body part on his way down or up the stairs. He immediately goes back to where he started and does it all again, sometimes 4 or 5 times. Lately when he walks into the kitchen in the morning he takes about 5 steps in then 3 steps back, then another 4 steps and 2 steps back, so on and so forth until he finally reaches his breakfast chair.

I've explained to him time and time again that it's okay to make a mistake and that by repeating things over and over again, we are missing out on something else amazing that we could be doing. It takes us forever to get out of the house, so when we get to the park, pool, whatever, we have less time there because it took us so long to get there.

So, as I keep working with Luca on this concept, I share this same message with you. STOP repeating old behaviors and patterns that are taking you away from something amazing! STOP dating the same type of person if all it leaves you with is heartache. STOP beating yourself up inside your own head for things you think you should be doing..... 'I should look like that', 'I shouldn't have said that', 'I shouldn't be eating this', etc. Chances are because you keep repeating, there is not enough time for that next opportunity, choice, relationship to happen because you are stuck in your repetitive behaviors.

Let's work on it together. You, me, Luca and the universe. Let's own up to our own repetitive cycles, and make a commitment to do all we can to break the cycle. In doing so we'll step out of our comfort zone, and when we feel scared, we'll remember that we are not alone. That we all feel and experience this at one time or another. And let's remember that we are all rooting for one another to find our best selves, to catch that new opportunity, job, relationship, whatever. We can do this! Because underneath it all there is only #EVOL fueling that deep need to reconnect to our purpose, to our inspirations, and to breathe life into the deflated parts of ourselves. #namaste #EVOL #EVOLution