Our Story

Meet Luca. A bright, amazing, inspiring little boy. He was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum shortly after his 4th Birthday. He is curious, and very logical about life. He loves school, but does not like to play pretend. He's a good eater as long as you give him 4 pieces, all equal in size and place them on the plate in their proper place and the plate laid in a specific way! He loves but sometimes dislikes his little sister, Aviana, who is almost 3. His favorite toy is the trampoline. I always say he is my greatest teacher, my guru. I learn something from him everyday. And though we have our challenges, I am grateful for the path we are on and the opportunity we've been given to help others and to inspire everyone to be more accepting, more understanding and filled with more EVOL.

This story has inspired Luca's Mom to see life a little differently. So, we've created this brand, this EVOLution to inspire others to see things differently. Please visit all aspects of the site, blogs, products, in which all writing is written in reverse, so the messages portrayed are for you. In supporting and wearing our products, may you remember that you are enough, that you don't need anyone else's approval, and that when you increase the LOVE inside you, you spread that love to the world. By letting the messages shift your perspective, we hope your actions then inspire others to do the same. #Namaste.

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