Welcome to I AM LOVE

Welcome to I AM LOVE, a site inspired, fueled and maintained by LOVE for a little boy with Autism.

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This story has inspired Luca's Mom to see life a little differently. So, we've created this brand, this EVOLution to inspire others to see things differently.

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Help spread the word about Luca and his amazing journey by including the hashtag #EVOL.

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This is where our journey begins...

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Help spread the word about Luca and his amazing journey by including the hashtag #EVOL.

Meet Luca, a bright, amazing inspiring little boy. He was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum shortly after his 4th Birthday. He is curious, and very logical about life. He loves school, but does not like to play pretend. He's a good eater as long as you give him 4 pieces, all equal in size and place them on the plate in their proper place and the plate laid in a specific way! He loves but sometimes dislikes his little sister, Aviana.

His favorite toy is the trampoline. I always say he is my greatest teacher, my guru. I learn something from him everyday. And though we have our challenges, I am grateful for the path we are on and the opportunity we've been given to help others and to inspire everyone to be more accepting, more understanding and filled with more EVOL.

About Us.

Our goal is to shift perspective, to see one another not for our stories, but for who we really are. Our products are to serve your higher power, to continually send messages to your soul that all you need is EVOL or LOVE. We learned this incredible message from the beautiful way Luca sees the world and how he chooses to share it. A portion of our proceeds is always donated to charities who support and help kids with Autism. See The Story of #EVOL by watching the video or reading our #EVOL blog.

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*proceeds to benefit kids with Autism, giving them the support they need to thrive and continue to share their light with us.

Why are our words Backwards?

Luca has a very unique way of looking at the world. At four years old, he noticed how words on glass doors and windows were written in reverse when seen from the other side. He then came home and wrote LOVE backwards on our planter boxes. As his Mom, I thought and said, “that's wrong. We'll erase it and write it again. He informed me that it wasn't wrong. He said, "I wrote it that way so the plants could read it from the inside". For full story, watch our video or visit #EVOL blog. We love this way of thinking and wanted to create a brand to embody and share it. This is why everything is written backwards! So that the messages are for you, not to impress someone else, not to compare and not to judge, but for you to feel the LOVE!


Philosophy: You are like an orange. Life has a way of squeezing you with pressure, stress, relationships, etc. When you are squeezed to your limit, whatever is on the inside is going to come out. Our goal with our products is to constantly remind you that inside you is LOVE. That is why we write it in reverse. Its not for anyone else, only you. When you look at yourself in the mirror wearing our products, you see only LOVE! And when life squeezes you, all that comes out is LOVE. Our purpose is to help Luca and others like him get the help and LOVE they need, therefore our profits are for Luca and his development. We then donate a percentage of all proceeds to help other kids with Autism.

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I'm One Lucky Mama.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my life is the importance of shifting perspective. I remember being a young girl and sticking up for the driver in the car in front of us when my parents would voice displeasure. I do the same with my husband, which I’m sure drives him crazy, but he loves me anyway. Now, as a mom and a yoga teacher, I find the same lessons of shifting perspective everywhere in my life. From witnessing transformation in my yoga students when they finally get that one pose, to transforming my own reactions from anger to patience during one of Luca’s tantrums. I shift perspective in all areas of my life to survive, to find peace and to learn. So, when Luca explained to me his reason for writing LOVE backwards, I realized we were meant to take this journey together. We hope to dissolve fears around Autism and to create bright futures for Luca and other kids like him. Please join our LOVE EVOLution by sharing Luca’s story and adding the hashtag #EVOL. Together we can change the world. Namaste.


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