Mama Lesson... Crapadass

Mama Lesson.  Crapadass

Aviana has a monster she’s made up in her mind.  And the name she gave him?...  Crapadass (pronounced just like its spelled)!  She sometimes blames things she’s done on the notorious Crapadass.  And sometimes she comes running into the room yelling ‘Runaway, Crapadass is coming’! 

It’s quite hysterical, and we keep trying to catch the elusive Crapadass.  But, it also made me think how easy it is to dismiss our fears.  And without our awareness, our fears then affect the way we behave, the way we react and the way we show up in our lives.  Mentally we think, ‘I’m not afraid of failing, or of being alone’.  We suppress the fear and think we’ve gotten past it.  But then we act cold to a loved one, or we lash out unexpectedly.  Simply because rather than naming the fear, we’ve put a mask over it and we tell the world, ‘I’m FINE!’  

What I’m learning from Avi is the importance of identifying your fear and giving it a name.  When you give it a personality, you began to recognize when it rears its ugly head.  But, when we know what it is, as ugly as it may be, it becomes easier to work thru.  You get to blame things on that fear, just like Crapadass.  You own that the monster is yours, but you know what it looks and feels like.  And when you become intimate with these monsters, these fears, you also know what makes them go away.  Its usually those mushy things like compassion, forgiveness and LOVE.  Everyone knows monsters don’t like mushy soft things!  So get to know your monsters, give them a name.  Then LOVE them more than you ever thought possible and watch them run in fear. 

Thanks for the lesson Aviana and Crapadass!  Quality learning happening in our house.

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