Using LOVE as a tool for focus and creating a peaceful, clear mind. 



 A morning meditation for families.
Time needed:  5-10min.

Sit in a circle, close eyes if possible!  Collectively take some deep breaths.  Depends on the ages of your kids, how long they will hold still to breathe.  But I've learned that the louder I breathe, the more they pay attention, so make your breath as dramatic as possible to begin, then slowly let it get softer as you all sync your breathing.  
Then ask everyone to envision the best day possible.  When the kids are young, ask them questions to keep them engaged and included in the meditation.  'What  would make today great?'  'Would it be good to talk to one another with ease and to use words like Please and Thank You?'  'Perhaps sharing our toys and the feeling we get when someone shares with us?'  Questions like that help give the kids a visual for the day.  Then have them close their eyes again and see it all happen in their minds.  
Once everyone has had time to visualize what a good day looks like, then we like to Om together.  Sometimes its one OM, sometimes 3, but my kids love it!  And, its a great way to get them to take a deep exhale.  
I've found that this meditation is so helpful, because it gives us all something to work towards.  Chances are there will be whining and arguments, but its easier to get back on track, because we know where we want our day to be.   I hope this helps you!  ~Namaste.  


An anytime you need to get out of your head and in the moment meditation! 
Time needed: 3-20min.

  1. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  
  2. HEAR in all directions.  Without judgment or expectation.  Allow your mind to define the sound and then move on to the next sound.
  3. SMELL, same as before, without judgment, but smelling because you can. 
  4. TASTE and notice the difference textures that exist in your mouth
  5. FEEL, the temperature of the air, the clothes touching your skin, just FEEL. 
  6. SEE, keeping eyes closed, notice what you see.

Slowly come back to awareness.  Notice how much less clutter is in the head and how much more present you are.  Repeat if there is still too much chatter in the mind.



Lie down with your kids heads on your belly.  Remain there calmly for a few breaths.  Then begin laughing.  At first it will feel forced, but slowly as your kids heads bobble with your laughter, they will begin to laugh.  And of course that makes you laugh harder, then they laugh harder, on and on it goes.  It will end naturally when it needs to.  When it is finished.  Pause for a moment and feel the shift in your body and mind.  Feel the muscles in your face that helped you smile, feel the release the laughter provides.  Enjoy!  Namaste :).  



I try to do this as often as possible.  I put my kids to bed, I like to ask them two questions;

  1. What's one thing you did today that made you happy?
  2. What's one thing you did today that made you sad? 

I love the conversations that come from these two simple questions.  My goal is that I'm teaching them that life is filled with good and bad things.  Experiencing both is what makes us human.  And the beauty of talking about it is we get to figure out together what we can learn from each situation.  We then agree that the only thing we can commit to do tomorrow is to LOVE.  To LOVE ourselves, our stories, our situations and everything in-between.  May this meditation help you connect and communicate with your kids, your spouse, whomever you choose to surround yourself with.  And may it remind you its okay to be human, to make mistakes.  You'll pick back up and commit to LOVE tomorrow.  Namaste.