The EVOL Project

I'm often asked, "How are you so calm?"  I credit a lot of my persona to the way I show up and react/respond to situations.  I've learned tools to help me remain calm by studying yoga, meditation and the chakra system.  For me, it helps clarify my emotions and feelings into something more organized.  I can then stay calm amidst a storm, a melt down, etc.  

I'm excited to share what I've learned with you virtually.  Join me for The EVOL Project May 6-June 17.  Seven weeks, seven chakras.  Each week involves a 2-hour commitment from the convenience of your home.  Wednesdays will be a live group chat from 4-5pm.  Fridays will be a live yoga class from 4-5pm (it will be recorded, so you can take it anytime during the week.  All levels are welcome.  Yoga teachers can earn CEU's by attending all sessions.  

Payment is based on a scale as I understand times are tough.  

Payment options