Yoga has been a part of my life for 20 years.  I have been teaching yoga for the last 11 years.  Because of my yoga practice, I feel better equipped to deal with the challenges of my everyday life, including being a Mom.  Yoga isn't about touching your toes.  For me, Yoga is the space between our thoughts and our actions.  Yoga is that tiny moment that whispers 'take a deep breath', when all you really want to do is scream.  Yoga reminds me to let go of expectations and enjoy the journey as it is.  I'm sharing my yoga with you here to introduce to you the 'yogic' way of thinking and being.  In the yoga world, there is no right or wrong, there is simply different ways to learn and grow. Below is my yoga workshop, training and class schedules.  I'm open for private sessions in person and on-line as well.  

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

  • May 6- June 17 The EVOL Project.  Seven weeks, seven chakras.  Learning tools to understand your emotions and energy.  Learn tools that help you understand yourself and your kids.  Honestly, this is the key to my life! 2-hour per week commitment (flexible to your schedule)

Upcoming Trainings 2020

  • December 2020  25-Hour Chakra Training @Almaden Yoga in San Jose, Calif.

On-Line Classes/Workshops

Current Virtual Class Schedule April- June 2020

  • Monday Yoga at The Wall 3-3:45pm PST for YogaSix Members
  • Friday Flip it Upside-down 3-3:45pm PST for YogaSix Members
  • Friday 4-5pm PST The EVOL Project Chakra Series
  • Saturday Family Yoga 10-10:45am PST FREE for all
  • Saturday SlowFlow Yoga 3-4pm PST for YogaSix Members
  • Sunday Restore Yoga 3-4pm PST for YogaSix Members