Dark Wood Bling Bracelet
Dark Wood Bling Bracelet

Dark Wood Bling Bracelet

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The element of wood is very grounding in nature.  The intention behind this bracelet is to keep your feet and your intentions rooted deep.  The bling (aka crystal beads) represent giving yourself some freedom to have a little fun!  Remember your purpose in any situation and you'll find the strength, humility and fun to help you get through any of life's obstacles. 

Intention jewelry is meant to carry the intention of the wearer.  Before wearing your bracelet, please state a clear intention for it.  For example "I am LOVE", or "I can do this".  Everytime you see it, mentally repeat your intention.  

This bracelet is handmade with LOVE by Luca's Mom.  The gold plated front says I AM LOVE in reverse to remind you the intention of this bracelet is for you.  A portion of your purchase will be donated to helping kids with autism.  

For questions about sizing, please e-mail wendy@iam-love.org